Making up the Trust are members Ned Hennighausen, Allan Noble, Hon. Voting for any Democrat -- whether for mayor, district attorney, state legislature, state governor, the U.S. House of Representatives, the U.S. Senate or president -- is to vote for someone who will enable the left to destroy America as we know it. [8] Despite the name, PragerU is not an academic institution and does not hold classes, does not grant certifications or diplomas, and is not accredited by any recognized body. Thats politics! And from elected Republicans, we get mostly silenceor embarrassing excuses. The Foundation for Government Accountability, a Florida-based think tank and lobbying group, drafted state legislation to strip child workplace protections, emails show. Instead, we get this from the president of the United States, explaining away his sons encounter with Russian operatives who were advertised as working on behalf of the Kremlin: Most politicians would have gone to a meeting like the one Don jr attended in order to get info on an opponent. And Trump isnt the only reason why. is the leading source for conservative news and political commentary and analysis. [14] PragerU's school-age targeted content was later branded as PragerU Kids. In May, the Wall Street Journal reported that a Florida Republican operative sought and received hacked Democratic Party voter-turnout analyses from Guccifer 2.0, a hacker the U.S. government has said is working for Russias intelligence services. All Rights Reserved. In any other era, our political leaders would be aghast at the rank opportunism, moral flippancy and borderline treasonous instincts on display. [5][27] Other donors include the Morgan Family Foundation, Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund, Donors Trust, the late Republican megadonor Sheldon Adelson,[28] Lee Roy Mitchell,[28] and the Minnesota-based Sid and Carol Verdoorn Foundation, led by former C.H. Full stop. He is witty and thoughtful read the UKs Daily Telegraphs feature article on him and, by the way, black. Prager also does a longer fireside chat video every week. In South Carolina, a small-business man named Tim Scott is the Republican candidate for South Carolinas first congressional district. If not, let me break it down. The Journal has also reported that Republican operative Peter W. Smith, who is now deceased, mounted an independent campaign to obtain emails he believed were stolen from Hillary Clintons private server, likely by Russian hackers., Amid a raft of congressional and law enforcement probes into Russian meddling during the 2016 presidential election, its still unclear whether members of Trumps campaign actively colluded with Moscow. This article about a German mathematician is a stub. [4], An August 2019 article by Drew Anderson in GLAAD, noted PraegerU's "interviews with many controversial public figures who are often hailed by the white supremacist movement" and accused it of a "horrific Anti-LGBTQ record. [8][32], Among topics covered, PragerU videos have argued against a $15 minimum wage, against increased gun control, and in support of capitalism. Nowrasteh wrote that the video was full of errors and half-truths and omitted relevant information. Kenneth Reightler, Alexa Seip, and Langley Shook. But while she has held fast to the principles that made her a star in the conservative movement, she believes that Donald Trump has utterly discredited conservatism. [42], According to a 2019 report in the Los Angeles Times, PragerU videos have been watched more than 2 billion times and were becoming a staple on college campuses. But this answer is incorrect. In the field of mechanics he is well known for the DruckerPrager yield criterion. [31] Some prominent video presenters have included Ben Shapiro, Candace Owens, Tucker Carlson, Nigel Farage, Charles Krauthammer, Michelle Malkin, Bret Stephens and George Will. It is this ethical rot that allows Dennis Prager, one of the rights more unctuous professional moralists, to opine with a straight face that The news media in the West pose a far greater danger to Western civilization than Russia does. Why wouldnt a religious right that embraced a boastfully immoral charlatan like Donald Trump not turn a blind eye towardor, in the case of Franklin Graham, embracean oppressive regime like that ruling Russia? Johnson and the Democratic Party were unified in their opposition to the 13th Amendment, which abolished slavery; the 14th Amendment, which gave blacks citizenship; and the 15th Amendment, which gave blacks the vote. Therefore, the notion that one should vote "for the individual, not the party" has never made less sense. All three passed only because of universal Republican support.During the era of Reconstruction, federal troops stationed in the south helped secure rights for the newly freed slaves. It was co-founded in 2009 by Allen Estrin and talk show host Dennis Prager. At the time, I asked Carlson if his son serves in the military. Put aside the factual inaccuracies in this missive (it was not Hillary Clintons controversial private server the Russians are alleged to have hacked, despite Donald Trumps explicit pleading with them to do so, but rather those of the Democratic National Committee and her campaign chairman, John Podesta). Both Republicans.The slavery question was, of course, ultimately resolved by a bloody civil war. Anyone whos followed my writing knows Ive infuriated liberals and Democrats plenty over the years, and I have the metaphorical scars to prove it. In this video, Vanderbilt University professor Carol M. Swain argues that the Republican's Southern strategy is a "myth" and is not what caused the South to become Republican. Critics of Prager University call its videos biased, dangerous, fake news, propaganda, and , Overall, Prager University claims to have received. And they imposed poll taxes and literacy tests, used to subvert the black citizens right to vote.And how was all of this enforced? D'Souza maintained that Italian philosopher Giovanni Gentile, who influenced Italian fascism, was a left-winger, to which Gottfried noted that this contradicted the research by almost all scholars of Gentile's work who view him as an intellectual of the revolutionary right. Logan Paul Prager (age 26) is listed at 5805 Trace Meadow Loop Apt 104 Riverview, Fl 33578 and is affiliated with the Republican Party. Now that hes president, Trumps fitful behavior, alienating close allies like Britain and Germany, ought give Republicans pause about how closely the presidents actions accord with Russian objectives. They try to bring attention to issues others might not think much about. Are you interested in having Dennis speak to your organization or group? If you want conspiracy theories, then the idea that the party switch is a myth is a pretty good delusional conspiracy theory. PragerU is an American advocacy group that creates videos and content to promote a conservative viewpoint on various political, economic, and sociological topics. Or, you can dig through the historic party platforms.. FTC chair warns AI can turbocharge fraud and discrimination, Dirty Delete: West Virginia Republican has trouble with facts, It seems like a lose-lose situation for creators: Elon Musks latest Twitter verified policy leaves smaller creators with an impossible choice, *First Published: Mar 19, 2019, 7:00 am CDT, Radio host Dennis Prager co-founded Prager University to fight supposed leftist and secular indoctrination on college campuses, which he believes instill. [10] In 2019, it ranked among the 10 biggest political spenders on the platform. But is Prager University winning hearts and minds on college campuses? It is to vote for the party that Big Pharma, big corporations and radical teachers unions support. Second, they induced a consequent eruption of conservative activism i.e., activism on behalf of limited government that may be greater than at any time since the founding of the country. It is to vote for the party that, for the first time in American history, openly identifies with socialism more than with capitalism. Moments for such soul-searching had arrived much earlier, however, like when Trump hired a former advisor to the corrupt, pro-Russian president of Ukraine as his campaign manager last summer. "[37] She also demonstrated an algorithmic connection on YouTube between PragerU, Fox News, and alt-right personalities. Historians and political scientists have also heavily criticized PragerU's videos for containing misleading claims about topics such as slavery and racism in the USA, immigration, and the history of fascism. WebPerson Details Paul Prager Co-Founder, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer Paul Prager is the Chairman of the Board of Directors. Shouldnt we be thanking the Russians for making the election more transparent?. They quickly reestablished white supremacy across the region with measures like black codes laws that restricted the ability of blacks to own property and run businesses. That, if I may note [], is why I started While fighting leftist indoctrination might be why he started it, Prager has continued to operate Prager University because its been extremely lucrative. Generally, PragerUs videos are factually accurate, though often presented without greater context or opposing viewpoints, and with a great deal of right-wing bias. [19][20], In 2018, as part of its efforts to counter misinformation, YouTube added fact-checking tags to PragerU's videos about climate change. Back in 1866, the Democratic party started the KKK, kind of. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. PragerU was founded in 2009 by conservative radio talk show host Dennis Prager and radio producer/screenwriter Allen Estrin,[4][5] in order to advocate for conservative views and to offset what Prager regards as the undermining of college education by the left. According to a Morning Consult-Politico poll from May, an astonishing 49 percent of Republicans consider Russia an ally. The most obvious examples are Republican "Never Trumpers." even one negative thing to say about Trump, both personally and politically. Of course, as I often noted on my radio show, I prefer the foolish to the destructive. My message for todays GOP is to paraphrase Barack Obama when he mocked Romney for saying precisely that: 2012 calledit wants its foreign policy back. Politically, Prager leaned more Democratic early in his career, and in 2011 said that Trumps swearing render[ed] him unfit to be a presidential candidate, let alone president. But like many previously anti-Trump conservatives, Prager now wholeheartedly supports the president,struggling to find even one negative thing to say about Trump, both personally and politically. "[6], In October 2017, PragerU filed a federal lawsuit against YouTube's parent company, Google, claiming that 37 of its videos were unfairly demonetized or flagged so that they could only be viewed with "restricted mode filtering," which limits views based on viewer characteristics such as age. As an article on weather.computs it, written about PragerUs penchant for using climate change deniers as faculty and donors: Prager University is not a university. The site clearly gets a great deal of traffic, and boasts that 70% of viewers have changed their mind on an important issue after watching one of our videos. Its viewership far outstrips even the most popular far-left video channels, along with popular conspiracy theory and far-right outlets. [37][27] "Why Did the Democratic South Become Republican?" But is Prager University winning hearts and minds on college campuses? , and over a billion in 2018. Could It Happen Here? [45][37], A Buzzfeed News article published in 2018 attributed PragerU's success to the quality of its production values compared to similar outlets and to its use of popular presenters with established audiences. [49][50][51][52], In 2019, Mike Gravel, a former United States Senator from Alaska, launched The Gravel Institute, a progressive left-leaning think tank, to counteract PragerU. If a political officer at the Russian Embassy in Washington visited the zoo that is the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, theyd see a movement that embraces a ludicrous performance artist like Milo Yiannopoulos as some sort of intellectual heavyweight. And I will laugh in your face if you think that is because the south was kinder towards civil rights at that time. Which, may I remind anyone, happened around the time of The New Deal. On Monday night, he went so far as to give a platform to fringe leftist Max Blumenthal author of a book comparing Israel to the Third Reich and a vocal supporter of the Assad regime in Syria to assail the bootlicking press for reporting on Trumps Russia ties. Did you know that the Democratic Party defended slavery, started the Civil War, founded the KKK, and fought against every major civil rights act in U.S. history? What I never expected was that the Republican Partywhich once stood for a muscular, moralistic approach to the world, and which helped bring down the Soviet Unionwould become a willing accomplice of what the previous Republican presidential nominee rightly called our No. Russia has been targeting the American right since at least 2013, the year Putin enacted a law targeting pro-gay rights organizing and delivered a state-of-the-nation address extolling Russias traditional values and assailing the Wests genderless and infertile liberalism. Foxs rising star Tucker Carlson regularly uses his time slot to ridicule the entire Russian meddling scandal and portray Putin critics as bloodthirsty warmongers. Today it is the opposite in many respects. Weve gone from the Trump team saying they never even met with Russians to the president himself now essentially saying: So what if we did? which caused the site to drop all photos from its videos and use animation onlypulling 80 videos from the site as a result. The Foundation for Government Accountability, a Florida-based think tank and lobbying group, drafted state legislation to strip child workplace protections, emails show. [6][7] The two originally considered making it a brick-and-mortar university, but the idea was revised into a digital product to save money. And the facts it preaches arent necessarily facts. Critics of Prager University call its videos biased, dangerous, fake news, propaganda, and proselytizing ignorance.. , two billionaire brothers from Texas who made a fortune in the fracking industry and believe in bringing the Bible back into school rather than teaching the gay agenda. Beyond their oil wealth, the Wilks brothers are involved in the Assemblies of Yahweh church, which preaches inflexible belief in every aspect of the Old and New Testaments, and provided seed money for Ben Shapiros conservative news site Daily Wire. One person certainly thinks so: Dennis Prager, whotold Buzzfeed News that he sees it as direct competition to the modern liberal arts college. Lincolns vice president, a Democrat named Andrew Johnson, assumed the presidency. 5. Today, these figures are no longer on the fringe of GOP politics. The entire Trump-Russia saga strikes at a deeper issue which most Republicans have shown little care in examining: What is it about Donald Trump that attracted the Kremlin so? Posted on Mar 19, 2019Updated on May 20, 2021, 4:47 pm CDT. Appreciate it. The two justices who dissented? [58], In October 2020, Gita Jackson of Vice noted that "There's already a cottage industry of YouTubers trying to debunk PragerU."[55]. [25] PragerU contended that Facebook had engaged in deliberate censorship. History professor Kevin M. Kruse said that the video presented a "distortion" of history, "cherry-picked" its evidence, and was an "exercise in attacking a straw man". the 115th United States Congress under Trump, the 71st United States Congress under Hoover, the electoral map of the solid south over time. [9] PragerU encourages students to join "PragerFORCE", an international student organisation to promote PragerU's videos and ideology, about 6,500 college and high school students promoted its videos as of 2020. Watch as Carol Swain, professor of political science at Vanderbilt University, shares the inconvenient history of the Democratic Party. ", "Who Funds PragerU's Anti-Muslim Content? It is to vote for Kamala Harris, the most left-wing member of the U.S. Senate, for vice president (and, given Biden's age and health, perhaps soon president). It is named after someone named Prager, though., Just as real universities have donors, so too does Prager University. I dont think any political observer would have predicted that not one Republican senator or congressman would vote for the Democrats 2,000-plus pages of new federal regulations, of controls over Americans medical decisions and of massive increased debt. [1] He received his doctorate in 1926 and worked as a research assistant in the field of mechanics from 1925 to 1929. The Democrats did not elect a black man to Congress until 1935.But after Reconstruction ended, when the federal troops went home, Democrats roared back into power in the South. Language links are at the top of the page across from the title. And since slavery, there has never been a time when the two major parties differed as much as they do today. This is not a conspiracy. WebPaul Prager (age 88) is listed at 7069 Haviland Cir Boynton Beach, Fl 33437 and is affiliated with the Republican Party. I find nothing admirable in this position -- morally or rationally. Radio host Dennis Prager co-founded Prager University to fight supposed leftist and secular indoctrination on college campuses, which he believes instill un Fine Democrats who defended slavery did as much harm to blacks and to America as disreputable Democrats. "[23][24] According to Francesca Tripodi, professor of sociology at UNC-Chapel Hill, there are plausible non-ideological explanations for Facebook's removal of several of the videos. In Alaska, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Joe Miller has a resume that reads like something a Hollywood screenwriter would make up. Mark Pitcavage of the Anti-Defamation League described it as "filled with anti-immigration and anti-Muslim rhetoric". How did the party of Ronald Reagans moral clarity morph into that of Donald Trumps moral vacuity? But, still, being a Republican engendered little pride. And this is bad? The Republican Party, of course, was founded in 1848 with the abolition of slavery as its core mission. Is Propagating Climate Misinformation", "Facebook apologizes to right-wing group PragerU after being accused of censoring its videos", "Are Google and Facebook really suppressing conservative politics? [1] PragerU consistently spends more on Facebook advertising than major political campaigns and national advocacy groups. When I spoke to Ruth McClung on my radio show, I was struck by her seriousness, her lack of any political guile and her intellectual depth. As of February2023[update], its YouTube channel included 2.2 thousand videos. cameron herren released,

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